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Nutrition for cholesterol:

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Published: 10.07.2024
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Nutrition for cholesterol:

Nutrition for cholesterol: The cholesterol cookbook with extensive tips, information and recipes to lower cholesterol The cholesterol guide with 100 recipes

★ Nutrition ★ for cholesterol

The cholesterol cookbook with extensive tips, information and recipes to lower cholesterol

In this book, you will learn why cholesterol is so important for the body, what factors determine whether high cholesterol increases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, and what you can do yourself to make your life healthier.

The Cholesterol Cookbook gives you great recipes of different categories that are very easy to make and will surely delight not only you, but also your friends and family.

Benefit from:

The Right Knowledge: Background Knowledge About Cholesterol
Proper Nutrition: Introduction to Proper Nutrition for Cholesterol
The right treatment: natural remedies and other alternative methods
The right implementation: Tips on how to make a change in diet successful in the long term
The right choice of recipes: Diverse and easy-to-implement recipes for dessert

★ The Cholesterol Cookbook★: Cook the best dishes in an uncomplicated way – healthy and fast!
The Cholesterol Cookbook includes:

100 low-cholesterol and healthy recipes
Of appetizers ....
... to desserts and baking recipes
Includes food tables and nutritional values for all recipes

This book is for people who want to learn more about these diseases. Be it because the diagnosis has been made in a fellow human being in the immediate vicinity, out of general interest or because you yourself suffer from one of these diseases.

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