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Art Gallery in Mallorca - At Kinsky Art & Living in Port Andratx presents Inez Valls Fortuny

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Published: 11.07.2024
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Art Gallery in Mallorca - At Kinsky Art & Living in Port Andratx presents Inez Valls Fortuny


Inés Valls Fortuny is a contemporary artist, born and based in Rosapalo Bcn, a studio/gallery in the Poblenou district, Barcelona. She specialises in abstract paintings inspired by the elements of nature and the feelings they evoke: life and love, serenity and passion, movement and calm.

Her style is characterized by textures, a mixed technique on canvas and the use of gold and silver pigments. Inés strives to capture precise moments: aerial shots of oceans in motion, rippling wild beaches, dives into amazing seabeds, the full moon in its most magical phase, stunning pink skies, and a neutral palette that evokes eternal pieces of the sky.

Her way of working is very close, personal and tailor-made. Almost all of their pieces have been specially made for their customers. Inés sees the entire artistic process as a threefold dialogue: what she wants to project, what the painting itself conveys through its personality, and the feelings that the work evokes in the viewer. When this dialogue flows, it is the most beautiful thing that can happen to her as a painter.

From a technical point of view, the use of gold and silver gives the frame very different dimensions, depending on the viewing angle: right, left and frontal. The light reflected on the image at different times makes sparks appear in different ways, giving movement and life to the artwork.

Out of pure intuition, without planning, Inés is guided by her own brushes and palette to create vibrant, timeless, exclusive and attractive collections that strive for balance and harmony with the environment. Her goal is to convey emotions beyond the room decoration, to awaken positive thoughts and to create a world of happiness, love, peace and hope through her images.

The Kinsky Collection shows 6 of the magical works at AtKinsky Art&Living, in C./des Port 153, 07157 Port Andratx.

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