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Your reliable partner for translations and housekeeping

Published: 11.06.2024
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Original German. This ad has been automatically translated.

Your reliable partner for translations and housekeeping

Reliable and fast Spanish-german / german-Spanish translations.

Do you want to rent a property? Translation of your lease so you know exactly what you're signing. We can also provide you with a bilingual standard rental agreement according to span. Prepare the Tenancy Act.

Are you the owner of an apartment and need on-site support? We take care of your property, from in-house inspection (ventilation, water pipes, checking for insects, etc) guest key handovers, to delivery of packages, supervision of craftsmen or whatever comes up - we offer flexible, tailor-made service.

Furthermore, e.g. re-registrations of electricity, water, gas in the event of a change of ownership, translations, interpreting service, etc

General home care, of privately used apartments as well as holiday rentals.

Assistance with the re-registration of your vehicle from German to Spanish license plates.

Reliable, fast, discretion as a matter of course. For over 20 years in Spain and Mallorca.

"What can we do for you?" Feel free to contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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