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Landlords with heart wanted

500 €
Published: 13.09.2019
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Original German. This ad has been automatically translated.

Landlords with heart wanted

Hamburg Berlin Munich Palma ... it looks the same everywhere. Rents go up and you are forced to accept these prices or you live in a mini room with many others in an apartment. Privacy equals zero. I came to the island 2 years ago so that I am better off in terms of health here. I have managed to get back into work after a long period of incapacity for work and I am also in a much better health situation. Nevertheless, every month It causes me stomach pains when my salary, more than half of it goes for rent and ancillary costs. In the long run, this cannot continue.

I am therefore urgently looking for an apartment IN Palma for a maximum of 500 EUR. I know I'm not at Wish you what but maybe there are landlords who offer a residential in the price range. I don't expect luxury. A kitchen and an extra bedroom would be dreamlike but also satisfy me with a kitchenette.

Short to me:
I am a non-smoker, have no rent or other debts and I have no animals.
Parties are not my world. I'm more of a quiet person. I also have a permanent fixed contract. It is important to me that I do not have to be afraid to lose the apartment at the start of the season because you can rent it out again for more money.

The apartment does not have to be furnished as I have my own furniture.
If someone feels addressed and rents out an apartment or if you know someone who rents something in Palma then I am happy about every offer.


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