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Disco - 500 m² - 3 bars - 1A location on the Bulevar Paguera - optionally with person, printing mone

55.000 €
Published: 18.06.2018
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Disco - 500 m² - 3 bars - 1A location on the Bulevar Paguera - optionally with person, printing mone

Disco of 500 sqm - 3 bars - 1 line Bulevar Paguera

Traspaso 55,000 euros (by bank transfer) to the operator.
(We accept vehicles, e.g. Mercedes, Porsche or berths in the port of Mallorca and also motor boats/yachts in the instead of the traspaso unless the value is at least identical). Also, the detachment at ETH, BTC, LTC or RXP can be paid.

To the owners:
Rent approximately 4300,-per month (50% of the year directly in advance + 50% in 12 monthly installments).

Facebook page can be assumed.

Task because family end of season 2017. (no one should be found, we will open again the disco with staff + Manager, so in case of emergency there's this plan B).

Fully fitted, it must be done nothing.

Staff is required (can if necessary passed on to be e.g. solid DJ, 3-4 ladies for the bar can also be arranged I think from our team, 1 bouncer required according to the specifications of the municipality.)

Setting up fully present, contracts by suppliers can be applied e.g. up to 60% off at Coca Cola on the price list, etc.

Unique opportunity for 2018.

It should be opened by April - September, always, in the remaining time, it's not really worth. At the time of the 15.6.-15.8. to make real money, it is the most popular Club in Paguera in the summer time. All other discos in Paguera are as good as "empty" at this time. It is the most modern and largest Club in the resort directly on the Bulevar.

The name currently runs on "Paguera dance Palace" and may be taken over.

Due to many requests here times a few answers in advance: requirements: you will need a NIE number, so a Spanish tax number. If you can not have this we produce a contact to create this number in the express for approx. 250 euro incl. Tax Office Registration what is important.

Required capital: it must be paid the transfer fee and 50% of the annual rent in advance, so 80,000 euros should be available for it. Because you must finance even power, personnel, purchasing, etc., we would recommend to calculate the object with 100,000 euro for the start up.

How do I run this nightclub: it can optionally a SL (GmbH) to be adopted, so that even the supplier contracts etc. everything remains. You will be registered as the owner in the SL and we delivered. Thus you could continue to use directly the object without great theatre and way with the authorities. It needs that only the Cambio de titular (license rewrite) will be made at the community, the power will be switched on again to start the season and opened the doors. While we will gladly help. You would not stick so also with their private assets. The SL costs about 5000-6000 euro in the Foundation with registered capital over a tax advisor. We can give this SL for 2000 euros to do so.

License: The license is current and valid without restrictions. 100db in Calvia are allowed, say the plant provides about but to the limited 110-115db. With doors 'to' anything goes. No problems with neighbours etc. To the rewrite the fire inspection (annually) for 120 euros must be replaced (we can also make routine - just before rewriting the license). You can open at 21:00 and celebrate till 6 in the morning and the 365 days a year if you want.

Deposit: There is no deposit, since the owner in advance gets 50% of the annual rent, that is more or less his bail then.

Runtime: The contracts may be 20 years with 5, 10, 15, as you like it.

Staff: Exists and may optionally be applied.

Options for the Treaty: a)
You can rent it as above + traspaso
You can purchase it as a hire-purchase (10 years contract) + traspaso.
(c) you can buy it directly (VB 1,5 Mio) + traspaso visit: A visit is possible on request at short notice.

Accounting: Local insight into the books may be like.

What can you earn (revenue): April: 30T, May 30T, June 45-60T, July-August 60-90T, Sep 45T, Oct 30T.

Induction: Optionally I can help at the beginning if no idea should be
and join 3 x per week in the object in the evening. For this I'd arranged a remuneration. So you get to know the object, the shopping is much easier with the suppliers, meet the object up to the last backup and problems, I'm there. The salary is low.

Accessories: Optional a lot from other clubs which we have resolved is what a small fee if needed could be taken over. It must be made but actually nothing, because the object is equipped. But we have things that are interesting.

Contact: Tel. / whats app 0034-616545106

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