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Painting "A Summer Day Mallorca" by Pascual de Cabo

16.900 €
Published: 16.09.2020
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Painting "A Summer Day Mallorca" by Pascual de Cabo

For sale painting "A Summer Day Mallorca" , Pascual de Cabo. Created in oil on canvas, 200 x 200 cm
Figurative is the starting point of his work. From him, his work moves in every way (impressionist, expressionist, realistic, surreal) and reaches heights of great beauty. His works bear the hallmark of an accused artistic personality. Both from the point of view of the composition and from the point of view of the color.

Pascual De Cabo does not believe - in the strict sense of the term - but does not copy, but interprets those bodies, which are subjected to the dictatorship of his brush.

Its landscapes are imbued with the contemplative love of those who approach nature, eager for color. In his portraits, on the other hand, there is tension. De Cabo contemplates the human being from a pride far not without tenderness.

The city is not present in his painting. Pascual is an ascetic who ardently seeks solitude. In his portraits, the expression of loneliness is bartled in placidity. Jealous of his painting, he preserves his feelings of any everyday emotional influence. In his landscapes do not flow his feelings that could make him a bad remed of romanticism and, with evident generosity, grant the landscape captured in his canvases the right to show himself as it is. He claims that he fully identified with the Mallorcan landscape.

Pascual De Cabo has achieved fame as a landscaper and perhaps it is in the portrait where it gives more of itself. If in his work he prefers to the landscape, it is because it gives him a greater margin of creativity. When it comes to painting a landscape, De Cabo doesn't look at the sky, he looks at the earth. Their brushes sometimes stop in partial aspects of the landscape but constitute, by themselves, a wonder of harmony and light. The league shows that it captures in its canvases what comes out of the soul, that which goes deep into its sensitivity. Less

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