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Wireless alarm system with built-in telephone alarm and various accessories

130 €
Published: 27.07.2020
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Original German. This ad has been automatically translated.

Wireless alarm system with built-in telephone alarm and various accessories

Burglar alarm wireless alarm system for home and Office

For quick help in case of emergency - with integrated phone dialing system

Lightweight installation of the system (incl. instructions in German, French and English)
Ease of use - easy installation!

The central unit is connected to the phone line and dials up to 6 different phone numbers in case of an alarm
(for example: friends/well-known/neighbors/Office/cell phones, etc.) on and propagates a message stored previously on the voicemail.

In case of an emergency, the system dials the stored phone numbers and are the stored message.


This set consists of:

1 central unit with telephone dialing system, built-in siren, as well as built-in motion detector.
3 remotes (wireless) to the single - and turn off alarm (panic button).
6 door/window sensors (wireless) with magnetic system.
1 emergency beacon (wireless) with strap and neck cord.
2 outdoor siren with strobe light, incl. mains adapter (wireless).
1 wall bracket for central processing unit.
1 power supply (220 volts) for the headquarters.
1 telephone connection cable.
1 instructions in German.

New price: € 1'850, 00 sale price € 300,00


Install this radio alarm system in four easy steps:

1. location:
Are looking for a central location for the central processing unit.
The Centre must not be mounted on the wall.
But remain close to an electrical outlet and a telephone jack.

2. programming:
Her personal recorded Notfalltext is stored in the system.
Program up to 6 phone numbers that you want to be alerted in an emergency.
Enter your personal code number.

3. installation of accessories:
Apply the door/window sensors and the remote control in the central unit.
Now attach the door/window sensors at the appropriate locations.
Install the other accessories that you want to use in addition.
Proceed just as easily here as described in the operating instructions.

4. operation:
Switch the system sharply with the remote control or directly on the unit.
Disarm the system using your numerical code or the remote control.
The system has two control zones:
(a) Home: (Door/window sensors are enabled)
(b) away: (All systems are enabled)

Devices are as good as new, partly unused. Other accessories
Depending on the amount present. More on request.

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