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Strengthen your back with Pilates

Published: 02.02.2023
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Original German. This ad has been automatically translated.

Strengthen your back with Pilates

Do you want to prevent back problems, build strength in the middle of the body and improve your flexibility ? You don't want to sign up for a gym and work on your fitness from home without any additional stress.

The gentle but effective training method in Pilates activates and builds up the deep abdominal muscles, which strengthen your back and protect your spine from injury.

Pilates is suitable for all age groups and offers different levels of difficulty.
Improve your fitness, agility and posture.

We offer:

- Professional mat training at your home
- Specially designed exercises for back and abdominal muscles
- Provision of mats and Pilates small appliances

We come to your home, we follow your schedule, they can concentrate fully on the essentials, your body feeling.

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