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1 week Tachyon Retreat in Mallorca

Published: 13.02.2024
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1 week Tachyon Retreat in Mallorca


What can I expect?
Activation of your light body process: gain manifestation power and unfold your potential more and more

Tachyonen-med Bed: Discover the mysterious power of tachyons to solve your current challenges on a whole new level.

TimeWaver Technology: Leverage advanced information field technology for deep insights and positive change.

Meditations and Goal Controls: Learn how to focus your mind and pursue your goals effectively.

Rituals and Group Healing: Experience the power of shared rituals and the support of group healing.

Power place hikes: Connect with nature and recharge your batteries with guided hikes to Mallorca's power spots.

Personal Transformation: Discover how you can solve problems on a higher level and change your life for the better.

Matrix Correction: Techniques for harmonizing and aligning personal energy.

Practices and Techniques: Presentation of various methods that can contribute to the activation of the light body, such as meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, energy work and visualizations.

Rejuvenation and regeneration: programs and exercises that lead to the renewal of body and mind.

What's included?

2x Tachyon Chamber
1x Natural Sound Transducer
TimeWaver analysis incl. 3 months balancing
Working with the 12 Chakra System, Purification and Harmonization of the Chakra System
3 excursions
Fire Ritual
Personal healing/group support
Working with the 5th Dimensional Heart
Purification of the energy body down to the cellular level
Liberation from old entanglements / karma: energy blockages, family bands, sexual bands, curses, vows
Get to know the instruments for prosperity and abundance

Contact us for more information and secure your place in this life-changing seminar!

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