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Mattress cleaning is a matter of trust

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Published: 08.08.2019
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Original German. This ad has been automatically translated.

Mattress cleaning is a matter of trust

Are you allergic to house dust and house dust mites ??

We specialize in mattress cleaning in the hotel and private sectors. Before cleaning, you can enjoy a free trial cleaning to test the degree of soiling of the mattress.

House dust mites are about 0.3mm small, up to one million of which can be found in
of a double mattress.

The house dust mite is the second most common allergy trigger, which corresponds to about 1/4 of all allergies. We spend about 1/3 of our life in a dirty and health endangered environment, the mattress / bed.

Chemical-free, antibacterial and allergy-friendly, the mattresses are cleaned by means of high-frequency vibrations and electronically controlled suction power, which is unique in its effectiveness.

(Mattress cleaning known from radio and TV) One must, for each mattress.

For more information on mattress cleaning, visit our website.

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