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Fireplace cassettes with a 10-year warranty

Published: 04.05.2021
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Fireplace cassettes with a 10-year warranty

Advantages of a chimney cassette at a glance:

The open fireplace was very popular in the 70s and 80s to enjoy the ambience of the open fire. However, the open fireplace has very low efficiency and no real heating capacity. High wood consumption and often bad pull, odour nuisance in the living room due to cold ash as well as a lack of splash protection are not only annoying but safety-relevant disadvantages of an open fireplace. Especially since nowadays it is more about the effective use with constantly rising energy prices. For these reasons, an open fireplace is also outdated and the advantages of a chimney cassette outweigh the advantages. With the chimney cassette, you can convert your open fireplace into an effective heating source that not only combines the advantages of a fireplace and new fireplace insert. The advantages of a chimney cassette from "Der Kamindoktor" that a heating capacity of 5-12.5 KW is achieved by a special air system depending on the size and shape – with a tested efficiency of up to 84.1%. These are values that are not achieved by most stoves or comparable fireplace inserts. Another advantage of a chimney cassette or the chimney insert for retrofitting the open fireplace is the powerless automatic air control. For the consumer, this means that the air supply is completely automatically controlled and that misuse is no longer possible. In addition, the fire behind the high-heat-resistant ceramic disc is banished and the ambience of the open fire is preserved. You can still see the fire and the romantic crackling is preserved. Train problems are excluded because the chimney cassette or the chimney insert is built to measure and the specially adapted exhaust gas extension and perfect combustion air supply always prevail optimal conditions in the chimney cassette. Due to the production to measure the chimney cassette, no expensive conversion of the open fireplace is necessary. There is no dirt when rebuilding the open fireplace. The open fireplace can be retrofitted within a few hours and is ready for immediate operation. This saves costs and time.
By taking advantage of a chimney cassette, we open the door to a safe world of cosiness and relaxation...
High thermal efficiency - efficiency tested up to 84.1%
Heating capacity 5 - 12.5KW (depending on size and shape)
Low wood consumption due to adjustable burn-off
powerless automatic air control - easy to use
No spark flight - fire danger banished - fire behind glass and self-closing door
Ceramic disc ventilated - ambience of the open fire is preserved
No more train problems
Custom-made production - no costly, expensive conversion of the open fireplace necessary
Removable slats facilitate the cleaning of the convection chamber
No dirt during installation
Energy cost savings


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